At ELEOS, our investigators will find and eliminate corporate espionage actions. This is to ensure the safeguarding of immaterial assets belonging to the company. Not only is there a threat from competing businesses, but also the threat from state sponsored economic intelligence gathering campaigns which have become a top priority for global national security agendas.

Experienced Investigators

An experienced investigator will develop a counter espionage investigation plan which will address security breaches through cyber-attacks but also human intelligence activities. This can involve sweeping buildings to ensure there are no hidden cameras, microphones or listening devices.

Price Promise

Let us know a quote from another company and we will beat it.

UK Coverage

We are able to provide coverage all across the UK.

What to Look Out For

More and more often foreign governments are interested in acquiring the latest technologies which results in foreign intelligence officers recruiting employees within companies to obtain this information. Companies therefore need to take a look at all employees who have access to sensitive information to prevent this from being stolen.