Background Checks

Whether helping you make the best hiring decision or to know more information about a company you are working with, ELEOS will help you find the details you need to make the correct, informed decision.

A background check is a method either employed by individuals or businesses to verify that a person is exactly who they claim they are. 

Criminal Records

Previous Employment

Previous Education

Social Circles

Employee Background Check

Hiring the wrong candidate can cause issues within a team or the business at large. Using an investigation agency will ensure you are working within the law. Professional security checking means you can be confident that the people you interview and potentially hire are suitable in every way possible for the role.

Company Background Checks

It is crucial to ensure that you are interacting with the right people while dealing with business matters and working with other companies.

Making the wrong choices can severely harm your image as a company, and even bring down a small or new company before it even begins. Our team of experienced investigators will carry out all necessary checks to ensure that the organisations you are working with are safe and who they claim to be.

UK Coverage

We are able to provide coverage all across the UK.

Price Promise

Let us know a quote from another company and we will beat it.